No time to gather market information?

Divide Market Mapping tasks like the bees would

A bee on a flower
Bees know how to share their tasks. Try to do the same …

Bees are pretty smart. They share their work, and everybody has a straightforward job to do.

When you start with , you should take the first steps on your own. To understand how it works and to tailor the methods to your needs.

Then, after gaining the first insight, take the bee approach: Delegate harvesting information to the worker bees and focus on managing the beehive.

Select the information retrieved carefully. Don’t hesitate to skip information if you doubt it’s relevant. You will still have plenty of info nuggets you have to handle. That’s why it’s your duty to be rigorous: only select the best pieces for the knowledge base you’re just building up.

Have you tried delegating the information retrieval process? Share your experience in a response.



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