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Be on the lookout for change

A boats lookout post
Make sure to have the overview you need to spot upcoming changes early.

As a subject-matter expert, you should know what’s happening in the market.
Being up-to-date is crucial to making profound decisions and delivering first-class services for your customers.

But in a quickly changing world, you never know if new players will arrive on the horizon.

They can bring fresh ideas to the market.

They can be backed by huge investments.

They can transfer operating models from other markets.

Yes, they can set out to disrupt your market.

That’s why you should be on the lookout. At least from time to time.
You can be there by following relevant publications on your market. And by taking a look at neighboring markets.

And whenever you stumble upon a topic or player that can change your market: include it in your . Make sure to keep an eye on it.
The rough sea is easier to navigate if you prepare yourself.

What’s your early alert system for upcoming storms? Share your experience in the responses.



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